Laser treatments

Medical lasers are increasingly being used by doctors. They of them are being used in dermatology, ophthalmology or vascular surgery. Lasers used to destroy specific body structures, but they can also heal tissues and speed up recovery process.

It is now difficult to imagine an aesthetic clinic without a medical laser. Lasers that emit a green light beam are used to close broken vessels and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Lasers with a carbon dioxide tubes evaporate skin pathological lesions,  destroy warts, skin hyperthrofic lesions. Diode and alexandrite lasers are used for permanent laser epilation. 

List of treatment

Seborhheic nevus

What is a sebaceous nevus, how is a sebaceous nevus formed? Warsaw, Poland, skin warts

Sebaceous nevus is the most common congenital skin lesion, which is a developmental abnormality. It looks like a yellow-orange spot on the skin, often located on the scalp. A sebaceous nevus grows over time, interfering with the patient’s daily life.

How to remove a sebaceous nevus from the scalp? Warsaw, Aesthetic Doctor, Dr. Marta Skoczylas

Seborhheic nevus can be removed from the skin by different methods. You can freeze it, use electrocoagulation. At our clinic in Warsaw we remove it with fractional, CO2 laser, as we consider it as one of the most effective method. The laser removal of seborhheric nevus is performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain. The nevus is vaporized layer by layer, not to damage the hair follicles (when the change is located on the scalp). After the treatment  skin heals quickly and with a dry scab. The scab falls off after couple of days, and that’s it.

How much does laser removal of sebaceous nevus from the scalp cost? Warsaw, Praga Południe

The price of the procedure depends on the size of the sebaceous mole. The price is given by the doctor during the consultation visit.

Soft, hard fibroma

What is fibroma, can fibroma be removed with laser? Warsaw, Praga Południe

Fibromas are benign skin moles, that appear on our skin. Their number of them increases with age. Fibromas are benign lesions, that do not pose any health threat, but for many patients they are aesthetically unacceptable. Moles, fibromas often appear in places where the skin has been damaged, where it touches the collar of a shirt, the whalebone of a bra, a trouser belt. Moles can be removed in many ways, but in my opinion the most effective is to remove them with CO2 laser. Moles are removed during a visit, in place of mole, after laser removal you can see only a scab.

How much does fibroid removal cost in Warsaw? MediWell Beauty, Cosmetic Doctor

Please move the pirce tab to double check the price. If you are still not sure please ask your doctor during consultation visit.

Eye xanthelasmas

What is a yellowish lump around eye? Cosmetic Doctor, Warszawa, MediWell Beauty

The yellowish lumps around eyes, otherwise known as xanthelasmas, are yellow spots consisting of cholesterol deposit. Xanthelasmas are located near the eye corners, often on the upper eyelid. They appear after the age of 40, quite often they are asslociated with lipid disorders; they can be the  first sign of hypercholesterolemia.

Can yellowish lumps under the eye, xanthelasma be removed with laser? Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, Warsaw, Praga Południe

Xanthelasmas can be removed in two ways: surgically, when surgeon cuts off the lumps and put stiches to heal the wound, or with laser, CO2 laser which evaporates the lumps. The laser treatment is fast and effective. It is done under local anesthesia, patient does not feel any pain.  Due to the nature of the xanthelasma you have to be aware that it can regrow in some time, everything depends from lipid level in patient’s body.

How much does it cost to remove yellowish lumps around the eyes, Warsaw, MediWell Beauty, Praga Południe

The price of yellowish lumps removal/xanthelasma removal can be found in the price list, if the lump is unusual the doctor will confirm the price during medical consulatation.

Seborhheic warts

The cause of seborrhoeic warts formation.  Praga Południe, removal of skin warts

Seborrheic warts appear on the  skin over the years. These are brown lesions, with a rough surface, filled with keratinized epidermis or sebum. Seborrheic warts cause skin itching and irritation, but majority people remove then mainly due to aesthetic reasons.

How to remove seborrheic warts? Laser warts removal in Warsaw, cosmetic doctor

The most effective seborrhoeic warts removal is done with CO2 laser. CO2 laser removes them  quickly and effectively. It vaporizes the skin lesion leaving only a small scab. If needed the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Healing process is very fast, last up to 5 days.

What are the costs of seborrhoeic warts removal in Warsaw? MediWell Beauty, laser warts removal

The price of the treatment depends on the number of lesions to be removed. Please check the price list.

Skin discoloration

ninFacial  Skin discoloration, face chloasma. Warsaw, Cosmetic Doctor

Skin discoloration bothers many women. Dark pigmented lesion appear on the face, due to too long an exposute to the sun. The following factors predisposure patients to hiperpigmentation: hight level of sex hormones, estrogens, intake of birth control pills, it could happen after pregnency, and during menopause, with the use of hormone replacement therapy.

Facial hyperpigmentation can also occur at the site of skin inflamation as excess melanin accumulates at the site of the inflammatory lesion. Some medications, such as tetracyclines can cause skin hyperrsensitivity to sunlight and consequently, the formation of hyperpigmentation. 

Laser treatment of discoloration, Warszaw, dr Marta Skoczylas, cosmetic doctor

Discolorations are difficult to remove from the skin.  The discolorations located in epidermis, those which have arisen recently are relativly easy to treat. Seria of medical peels should effectivly remove them from the skin. Much more difficult to remove are spots located in the deeper layers of the skin, we call then mixed chloasma. For those treatment I suggest to use diode laser, which acts direclty on melanin, breaking it down.  Alternativly we can use the fractional laser, but this treatment is a little bit more agressive.

How much cost the skin discolouration laser removal  in Warsaw? MediWell Beauty

The cost of removing hyperpigmentation depends on the method chosen,  the type of hyperpigmentation.

Rosacea, teelangiectasias, face vessles

Causes of acne rosacea, and bursting blood vessels. Warsaw, Praga Południe, vascular laser

Acne Rosacea disease affects many women after 40 years. It manifest with facial rosacea, erythema, pimples. The etiology of this acne rosacea is not fully known, scientists suggest genetic predispositions, hormonal disorders, vasomotor. Recently, it has been confirmed that one of the cause are nematodes, parasitizing the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Burst vessels, telangiectasias, are also very common on the face. They are located on the wings of the nose and cheeks. They occur in people who smoke tobacco, cigarettes, exposed to frequent temperature changes.

How does the laser vascular closure look like? Warsaw, Cosmetic Doctor, MediWell Beauty

We treat erythema and acne rosacea in the similar way as face vessels.  The vascular laser emits green light which coagulates the face red vessles and rosacea. Treatment is not the nicest one, as we can not apply topical anesthesia but anyway acceptable for the patent. After the treatment patient is red, feels hot. The face became normal in 4 hours after treatment.  There is no bruising, patient can go to work the next day.

How much does laser vascular closure costs in Warsaw? MediWell Beauty

The price of treatment is given during a consultation visit, when assessing the appearance of the patient. You van also have a look at price list.

Fractional laser treatment, scar and keloid treatment

How to treat scars with fractional laser? How to treat stretch marks? Warsaw, Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

The older we are, the more scars we have on our skin. Scars on the skin appear after injuries, surgeries, caesarean sections. They sometines do not fulfil our aesthetic expectations. In our office we help to improve the appearance of scars, their color, make scars more flexible. We use a variety of methods to to rebuild the scar. Depending on the  scar colour (red or grayish) we use platelet rich plasma, needle mesotherapy, and fractional laser. We treat scars similarly to abdominal stretch marks (most often appearing during pregnency). After several treatments, the appearance of the scars or strech mark improves and become acceptable to the patient.

How does the fractional laser treatment look like? Warsaw, Aesthetic Doctor,MediWell Beauty

Fractional laser is commonly used to rejuvenate the face, remove fine lines and wrinkles, restore a youthful appearance to the face, neck and cleavage. The fractional laser treatment is performed after topical anesthesia with EMLA cream. During the procedure the scaner punches microwholes  in the skin. Micro-damage begins the process of self-repair of the skin, giving in the end skin smoothing and brightening. Fractional laser treatment is an invasive procedure therefore after it patient should stay at home for 4-5 days. 

How much does fractional laser treatment cost? Warsaw, Praga Południe

The price depends on the type of procedure. Please visit the price list tab. During the consultation visit the doctor will discuss the price with you.

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