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MediWell Beauty was founded in 2013, by Dr Marta Skoczylas. From that time she performs aesthetic medicine and aesthetic gynecology treatments to improve woman beauty and self confidence. We correct parts of your body which gets older is is not acceptable by you. The range of treatments that we can perform is wide, so we are confident that every patient who visits us will find what they need. We follow new technologies, use many laser technologies. We always use high quality products. We are here to advise, to choose the most appropriate way to beauty and well-being.

Jesteśmy od tego, by doradzić, wybrać najwłaściwszą drogę do piękna i dobrego samopoczucia.

List of treatments

Botox, facial wrinkles

Smoothing wrinkles with Botox, aesthetic medicine, Warsaw

Botox is widely used in aesthetic medicine to smooth facial wrinkles. Botox injected by a doctor is safe, efects are predictable. Botulinum toxin is used to smooth out wrinkles, rejuvenate the face. The most common we us Botox to smooth the wrinkles between the eyebrows,  wrinkles of the forehead, smooth the crow’s feet. In MediWell Beauty we also inject Botox  to remove wrinkles around the nose, “rabbit lines” , treat the gummy smile, improving the appearance of the chin, to treat the “stony chin”, correct the neck appearance.

Botox injection treatment, aesthetic medicine doctor treatment, Warsaw

Botox injection is a very short procedure, associated with a little pain. Botox is administered using a small insulin syringe. At the injection site Botox may occur redness, which disappears after about 2 hours. The first effects of the toxin appear within 5-7 days and last from 3 to 4 months.

How much does Botox costs in Warsaw? Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, Warsaw

You can check the current Botox price on the “price tab”. The price depends on the injected area, not on the number of units.

Botox, bruksizm, teeth grinding

The symptoms of bruxism, teeth grinding, aesthetic medicine, Warsaw

Bruxism is a disease consisting of uncontrolled jaw theeth rubbing, is the result of excessive tension in the masseter muscles, located on both sides of the jaw. The most common and characteristic symptom of bruxism is grinding teeth at night. As a result of stress, people spontaneously clench their teeth, moving their jaws against the mandible. Excessive pressure causes enamel cracking, abrasion of tooth crowns, periodontal disease, bleeding gums, and excessive tooth movement. As a result of excessive contraction of the masseter muscles, many patients suffer from headaches, earaches, or hearing disorders. The aesthetic symptom, the main complain of women is a square oval face.

Bruxism treatment with Botox, aesthetic medicine, Warszawa

Treatment of bruxism consists of the use of a relaxation splint for the night (protecting the patient’s teeth from mechanical damage) and Botox injection  into the masseter muscle. Botox decrease the strengh of the masseter muscle, decreasing the pain and teeth grinding.  Thanks to Botox the masseter slowly disappears, reduces its mass, and it can no longer call the jaw and mandible so strongly. An additional visual effect is the slimming of the face, changing the “square oval of the face” to an oblong one. Dentists believe that Botox should be administered regularly for at least a year every 3 months, in order to effectively treat bruxism.

Bruksizm, price of procedure in Warsaw, MediWell Beauty, Dr Marta Skoczylas

The current price of bruxism treatment can be found on the price tab.

Botox, tension headache, neck pain

Botox, chronic tension headaches, neck pain treatment, Warsaw

Nowadays, many people suffer from persistent headaches, tension headaches. Stressful work, isolation and COVID 19 stress cause tension, neck stiffness, neck pain. Pain medications do not work for this type of pain, as the pain is caused by muscle tension not damage. The most effective treatment are massages and Botox injections.

The neck pain, neck tension and stress, aesthetic clinic, Warsaw, MediWell Beauty

To abolish neck stiffness, cervical spine pain we inject Botox. Neurologists have been treating muscle spasms and muscle spasticity with botulinum toxin for years. The procedure is performed by doctors who have the knowledge and experience of Botox injection, knows the  Botox trigger points.  Each of us has its own ailment, and this one belongs to me:), toxin has helped me for years with neck pain so if you have this problem I invite you to the aesthetic medicine office in Warsaw.

Price of Botox injection for chronic tension headaches, aesthetic clinic, Warsaw

Price of treatment in Warsaw office, is available in the price list tab on internet.

Skin fillers, hialuronic acid injections

Dermal fillers, hialuronic acid, aesthetic medicine, Warsaw, dr Marta Skoczylas

Dermal fillers are anti-aging products that are injected into the skin of decrease the wrinkles, rejuvenate the face, add face volume. They are injected to make skin smooth and plump. They are also called injectable facial fillers, injectable cosmetic fillers or soft tissue fillers.  They are made of hyaluronic acid produced in the laboratories, on the cell cultures.

The tear trough fillers, nasolabial folds, lips augementation, aesthetic medicine, Warsaw, dr Marta Skoczylas

After 35 years of age, our skin slowly loses its firmness, the first wrinkles appear. Patients usually notice loss of volume in the nasolabial folds, working with the computer they often complains about the shadows under the eyes. We correct these deficiencies with hyaluronic acid injections, getting a satisfactory cosmetic effect just after first treatment.

The lips augmentation is not the same for all patients. Depending on the age of patients, we use different techniques of hyaluronic acid injection to achieve the effect expected by the patient. Young girls want to have full, passionate lips, ladies around 50 years of age prefer discreet lips with a slightly emphasized contour. The choice of product is crucial here and in most cases it determines the achievement of the desired effect.

Local anaesthetic is applied to the skin before dermal filler injections are administered. Patients will feel the pain of the injection during the procedure and after the anaesthetic wears off, for a few days. Some fillers contain an analgesic substance called lidocaine. These fillers are less painful than other fillers.   T

The price of the dermal filler, aesthetic medicine, Warszawa, MediWell Beauty

The price of the dermal fillers are listed in the price list tab on internet page. The price depends on the type of hyaluronic acid used for the procedure, its density and brand of the product. Please check it carefully.

Cellulit treatment, dissolving the fat

Cellulit causes, Aesthetic Medicine, cosmetic doctor

Cellulite is a word known to every woman. 85% of women have cellulite, regardless of age. Cellulite is a fatty tissue that grows excessively, presses on blood vessels, impairing blood circulation. There are various causes of cellulite: gender, white race, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal disorders (high levels of estrogen). We can distinguish four stages of cellulite, from slight swelling of the skin, through the effect of orange peel, to cellulite occurring with large swelling, painful when touched.

Cellulit treatment, cellulit dissolution,doctor Marta Skoczylas, Warszawa

Cellulite, which is a female affliction, occurs in both slim and slightly more plump women. It is difficult to get rid of with physical exercises or diet. In our office in Warsaw, in Praga Południe district, we dissolve cellulite with the use of preparations that damage walls of fat cells causing their rupture and elimination of fat by cells, phagocytes. On the market we have several effective preparations that we can use, depending on the severity of cellulite, such as: Alydia, Celluform, Phosphatidylcholine, or Aqaulyx.

Second chin treatment, second chin dissolution, Aesthetic Medicine, Warsaw

Many ladies with age develop second chin, excess fat under the chin and partially on the neck. In the aesthetic medicine office we try to dissolve this fat with Aqualyx-type preparations that damage fat cells, causing the fat to disintegrate. Effects do not appear immediately, Aqaulyx is administered several times, we perform 3-4 treatments. The procedure is not painful, local anaesthesia is added to the preparation. The natural consequence after the procedure is swelling of the injected area, which lasts for 3-5 days. This is a local inflammation of the skin, during which damaged fat cells are eliminated.

How much does fat dissoluton cost? Aesthetic Doctor, Warsaw, MediWell Beauty

The price of cellulite treatment and fat dissolving can be found in the price list tab, it depends on the injected area and the amount of preparation used. Price is confirmed by dr Marta Skoczylas before the procedure, after examining the patient.

PRP, platelet rich plasma, vampire lift

Platelet rich plasma, PRP, vampire lift, Aesthetic Medicine, Warsaw

Platelet rich plasma is a natural treatment, part of an ecological lifestyle. It is obtained from the patient’s blood, collected during a medical visit. Due to the nature of the blood sampling some people call this treatment a “vampire lift”, an injection of youth. Our plasma contains growth factors that stimulate our skin and soft tissues to heal, increase collagen fibers, create new vessels and rejuvenate our tissues.

What is PRP, plasma rich treatment, how does PRP work, Aesthetic Medicine, Warsaw

Platelet rich plasma treatment, “vampire lifting” starts with collecting blood from the patient. The collected blood is centrifuged and properly prepared by the doctor. It contains so-called platelet growth factors, which very actively stimulate the skin. Plasma is injected into the skin, for example: the patient’s face in many places. The patient looks like being stung by “mosquitoes”, but there are no bruises. Patients can go to work the next day. As a result of plasma, the skin becomes younger, tighter, firmer.

Price of PRP, plasma rich plasma in Warsaw, MediWell Beauty

You can find the price of platelet rich plasma treatment in the price list tab. The treatment is performed 3 times every 3 weeks.

Needle mesotherapy, face, neck, cleavage

Needle mesotherapy, Aesthetic Medicine, Doctor, Warsaw

After 35 years of age, our skin slowly begins to lose its firmness, the first wrinkles appear. The amount of hyaluronic acid in tissues decreases. If we want to maintain good skin quality we should take care of it. One of the methods is needle mesotherapy treatment, which involves injecting the skin with hyaluronic acid, biomimetic peptides, vitamins and microelements necessary for skin reconstruction and renewal.

What is the needle mesotherapy treatment, Aesthetic Doctor, injection

Needle mesotherapy treatment is performed using small needles to introduce nutriens to the skin. Mesotherapy is performed in series, usually every 2 or 3 weeks. It is recommended to perform 4 treatments to properly nourish and rebuild the skin. It is important to use products registered for injection, having certificates of the European Union, because only these products have been tested for potential allergies, side effects.

The needle mesotherapy results, Warsaw, cosmetic doctor

Needle mesotherapy keeps the skin in good condition, slows down the formation of wrinkles, slows down the aging process. Our skin is constantly subject to the processes of damage by sunlight, free radicals. Mesotherapy needle products, prepared in pharmaceutical laboratories are designed to remove free radicals, reverse the effects of skin damage caused by sunbathing, skin exposure to wind, changing temperatures.

How much doesa needle mesotherapy costs in Warsaw? Aesthetic Medicine, MediWell Beauty

The price of treatment depends on the type of product used. The ranges are from 400 zł to 1000 zł. It depends on the product composition, collagen or hyaluronic acid content. Examples of prices can be found in the price list tab. The exact price is given by the doctor during a medical consultation.

Hyperhidrosis, head, armpits, hands, feet

Hyperhidrosis of the head, armpit, hands, feet, aesthetic medicine, Warsaw​

In the MediWell Beauty we often perform the hyperhidrosis treatment as excessive sweating accompanies people prone to stress, badly tolerating public speaking, very emotional. This is comon disease in our population.

How does the treatment of excessive sweating with Botox look like? Aesthetic medicine clinic, Warszawa, Praga Poludnie

In case of excessive sweating, scalp and hair are wet already several hours after washing and styling, it bothers many women. The hyperhidrosis of hands or feet makes our palms and feet cold and wet, requiring constant wiping and drying. The procedure of Botox injection is a procedure that requires medical knowledge and experience.. Before the procedure, the doctor applies anaesthesia using a cream or injection with 2% lignocaine solution. After anesthesia Botox is administered with an insulin needle. Dr Marta Skoczylas performs pricks in the area which is sweating excessively, each prick blocks a part of sweat glands of the injected area. The first effect of the treatment is visible after 5 days after injection, reduction of  sweating lasts about 8-12 months.

Botox treatment of sweating, price in Warsaw, aesthetic medicine clinic, dr Marta Skoczylas

Current price list is located in the tab on the website.

PDO threads, Barb 4D skin lifting threads

Skin wrinkles removal, PDO threads, Warsaw, Aesthetic Medicine

As we age, small wrinkles and skin folds appear on our face. Our goal is to smooth the skin and restore its firmness. For ladies who do not have time to repeat the needle mesotherapy treatment I suggest PDO threads, which are equally effective in tightening and smoothing the skin. These threads after insertion tighten the skin mechanically, and over time, spreading in the tissues stimulate it to create new collagen and elastin fibers. PDO threads are made of different materials, I use those that have in themselves polylactic acid, or other bio-stimulants to stimulate the skin to natural regeneration.

Does the procedure of the PDO threads inserion hurt, what are complications after thread insersion? Aesthetic Medicine, Warsaw

The insertion of PDO threads is almost painless, in MediWell Beuaty office we use anesthesia (most often dental one) to eliminate pain. Pain is associated only with puncture of the skin, insertion of the thread itself is painless.

The inserction of the  Barb 4D or Lift Strong threads is more complicated, should be done by a qualified  physician. These threads are thicker than PDO threads, therefore the procedure takes a little longer, we always use the dental anaesthesia. Barb4D threads, hooks threads lift the skin up, and this is not easy task. Therefore for a few days after procedure the patient can feel the skin pulling, or pricking the skin by the ends of the threads. These discomforts pass after about two, three weeks.

Price of the threads procedures, price of the PDO threads , price of Barb 4D threads, Warsaw, doctor treatment

Current price of surgery can be found in the price list tab. Patients who have not yet used threads treatment should know that the price of PDO threads treatment for skin regeneration is much lower than the price of BARB 4D threads. The BARB4D and LIFT STRONG threads are much thicker and stronger and their price depends on the thickness and the material they are made of. That is why you see a large discrepancy in prices in different clinics. Low price of the procedure may mean the use of the simplest, threads, which degrade after 3 months. Please ensure that threads are implemented by a physician.

DermaPen, skin tightening, microneedling

DermaPen, skin tightening, microneedling

DermaPen is a device used to firm the skin. It looks like an electric toothbrush with a rotating tip with 12 needles. Treatment with the DermaPen device consists in damaging the skin by means of small needles located at the end of the device. The micro-damage to the skin, forces it to regenerate and heal faster, the skin thickens, tightens and firms.

How the DermaPen treatment looks like? Aesthetic Treatment, Warsaw, doctor treatment

DermaPen procedure is performed under local anesthesia, with EMLA cream. After the anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Then the skin is pricked with vibriting needles, to stimulate the skin to produce the new collagen and elastin fibres.

After the procedure , the skin is red and there can be little bleeding. These symptoms disappear within an hour after the procedure. Over the next few days the skin may peel slightly, so post-treatment creams such as Cicalfate Post Acte are recommended. Skin firming is visible after the first treatment, the skin becomes tighter and more elastic. Subsequent treatments should be performed every 2 weeks, max. 4 treatments in the series.

How much does a DermaPen facial treatment cost in Warsaw? Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Marta Skoczylas

The price for the treatment can be found in the price list on the website.

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